June 29

Dangle – voice over – Arthur

The man trudged up the snowy hill, digging his hands deeper into his pockets. Breath steamed from his mouth as the crunch from his boots and birdsong fulfilled the morning. Although he’d done this walk many times before, each time he spotted something different and more interesting than the last.

He inhaled deeply and stared at the view. Trees rolled right to the edge of the city, where industrial factories let out their toxic clouds of gas, preparing to destroy the atmosphere.

Catching him by surprise, a long rope dangled down from the sky. He gasped in shock and amazement, hurriedly walking over to it. Stretching out a curious hand, he nudged the the gleaming ring just above the red tassels. It swayed like a hypnotists clocks ticking back and forth.

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1 thoughts on “Dangle – voice over – Arthur

  1. Mr Tudge

    Excellent piece of writing, Arthur. Some small possible tweaks…

    ‘Fulfilled the morning’ is more likely to be ‘filled the morning air.’

    ‘Hypnotists clocks could be a hypnotist’s pocket watch’

    Great job, Arthur. Good blend of scene description and character emotion.


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