January 30

A surprise By Isabelle

It was a day before my eleventh birthday. This year, I was going to make my birthday the best birthday yet. All of my family was excited except my grumpy, moody and annoying sister Iris. Each time I mentioned my birthday, she would just brush past me and ignore me. The sunset came quick. My excitement bubbled inside my brain. Three, two, one . I’m eleven! Yay.

It was now the morning. Running excitedly down the stairs, I was stopped.  It was a baby tortoise its so slow I said in my head. To my surprise it was from my sister.

January 30

Nissan GTR sport, race 100 word challenge by Jake

In a sport racer, the speed breaker surrounded by probably faster cars like: Bugatti, mustangs and a flat!? but it is SO slow I could most definitely beat that car! which I did not think of at the time. “ready” “steady”  “GO!”the referee shouted

Vvvvmmmm CHARGE! faster! and before I knew it I was of, straight past that fIat and in third place! but that is not enough I suddenly just killed the pedal.

“AAHHH”. 3rd 2nd… Now announcing the trophies new owner NISSAN GTR sport!

“WAhoo” I shouted as the bugatti left his grin 🙂

” I WIN! you newbs loose!

Image result for nissan gtr














January 30

100 word challenge, The sloth race

They were all lined up, ready in there first position, waiting to hear the horn ring. 3, 2, 1 he shouted, the race had begun.

It was now three against three, you could see there tired faces and determination to win but really its so slow I was beginning to get tired.

The moon shaped a golden covered crescent. It was getting darker and darker but the race wasn’t getting any faster, the gathered crowd turned to a local family and me, they were only half way through and it had already been an hour and didn’t know whether I could wait anymore.

January 30

the slowest snail 100 word challenge Freya

I was  in my back garden, and I was playing with my red,orange and blue ball. Then I saw a snail and I picked him up and we had a race. But your to slow I…  .Then I gasped.”why are you slow” and he said” I don’t know” but I didn’t take any notice and I said ”lets try and make you go fast” ”but? fine” so I designed some boots for him they didn’t go fast.then the snail  said ”I didn’t want to go fast” ”OK”. So I pickup the snail and put it on the fence” goodbye snail.”

January 30

100 Word Challenge New Years Part 2 By Cameron

I woke up, lying on a mobile bed it seemed i was being pushed down a very long hallway but it was wide and after every meter there was a door on each side. My eyes were getting wider, but they were opening slow slow it started to hurt. The lights flickered, then my life turned to black.


I woke up what felt like five years later, my head was pounding with pain then i felt something crawl up my bare legs. I struggled to lift my head but when i did i wish i didn’t. It was a Tarantula. Image result for Tarantula crawling up leg

January 30

Slow internet…By Lewis

I was on my laptop doing my work. It was about a fast car. A car that go’s 304 mph. But soon as i searched it up on my laptop the internet went really slow.

“It’s so slow!” I shouted

The next day I told my teacher that I couldn’t do my work because I had slow internet.

“Then you do your work at playtime.” my teacher snapped

It was nearly the end of playtime. I was still doing my work I’d done 10 words. Then my teacher came in.

“Do more work!”she shouted

“OK”I sighed

I went home at three o’clock.

January 30

Bug race 100 Word Challenge Sebastien

“But its SO slow!” I moaned. ” And it will take about 6 hours just to to do the first lap!” I added. “Also there are 5 laps.” I had to go to the bug race because my mum said it would be fun. She said that a beetle might drive a racecar on a special race course. I thought that it would be a bunch of worms driving cardboard boxes on weels on somebody’s driveway.

It turned out brilliant because a slug rode a Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne Army copter over a racecourse! A snail rode a bugatti veyron supersport! It was awesome.

January 30

the mysterious antique shop

Something tapped on the window.I looked round.It wasn’t a person, a tiny silver mechanism taping on the glass . Tap tap tap a delicate man playing a violin.I had to go for an adventure.Twisting the door handle,a lady gave me a welcome inside and waved at me.The train is so slow i said as it went around the track. There was a large teddy bear in the window that attracted everyone inside. Pictures and posters of all kind were laid across the walls. In the distance a key hole sat there waiting for its owner to choose their destiny and unlock …



January 30

The train 100 word challenge By James

I hurried down the stairs, my tickets flapping as if they were trying to take of. I had to get on the train. I had to.

With what felt like an eternity of running,panting and bustling I arrived at the station gasping for breath. I checked my ticket, the silver ticket reflected light into my eyes. I could see a 6; I tucked the the ticket into my pocket.

2 hours later, I strode up to the officer and shouted “The train but its so slow I could have walked faster”

“Sir, on your ticket it says platform nine.” replied the officer.

January 30

a week to beat the world racing stile

The day began as fast a rocket against a snail.Hours and hours to beat the world. We arrived in Mongolia and Anabel and Freya were determined to win.Today we were  doing horse ridding! I was always the best.

Mongo,the leader,set us a race to practice for tomorrow. Of we went to a pole on the edge of the border,I was in the lead next was Anabel and then Freya.

The sun rose up and the locals and us were ready to race.Three,horse ready. Two,heart pounding. One,GO!

Of they went,but it was so slow that I almost fell of.Image result for horse riding in mongolia