June 18

100 word challenge The Elephant By James

I slumped in the back of my small, plastic seat. Why couldn’t I be ill? This was boring; waiting for the prime minister, who my friends and I nicknamed Elephant, to deliver a speech about schools in our assembly.

We had seen the Elephant enough on TV to know what he looked like. He was a man-mountain with a beard, his hair was grey, eyes blue and he had a slight paunch. He towered over everyone as if they were toys. And here he was in our school’s assembly hall looking taller than ever.

Then the Elephant delivered his speech.

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3 thoughts on “100 word challenge The Elephant By James

  1. stoneschool

    I particularly liked the description – a man-mountain he towered over everyone.
    I wonder what the speech was about and why he had come to your school? Had you invited him?

  2. Mr Tudge

    You’ve come up with a clever angle on this story, James. I totally agree about the quality of your descriptive language.

    Well done.


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