April 30

Evernight – Chapter 10 – Whispering Books

After her conversation with Granny over a nice cup of tea, Lara seems to be more aware of  the world of magic, witches and hags. She seems to drawn to areas of the city that she knows so well but seeing things through new eyes.

What interests you about this chapter? Are there any puzzles?

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April 30

Our Treehouse! – 100 word challenge-Olivia

Flames had risen up last night; it was ruined. Burnt wood was everywhere, the sign we had made was shatered like thousands of frafments of glass. Our treehouse, destroyed. Lucy came running up to me, she boughed her head in silence. Gently, water trickled under my feet. Ash smells filled the air. I collected the broken sign and layed it down by the charred tree.

“What shall we do?” Lucy murrmed, I said nothing.

The next day Lucy was there again and this time the tree creaked over. Every night the glowing moon shone on the old, burned, lifeless tree.

April 29

100 word challenge By James

The gnarled plant gave a terrifying screech: it was nearly its time to rise. Rise from imprisonment and be set free. Its branches twisted and turned to let out their feelings, making the people nearby squeal and shriek. The sun, which was a dark, peachy red, was half way set. After centuries of its torture, watching the world ticking by, waiting for this moment.

Then as the last of the sacred light died down, a bolt of lighting struck the tree. Fire engulfed its roots and all of a sudden he was back. Lord Reldamorf was back!  Everyone screamed.

April 29

Evernight – Chapter 9 The White Witch

We learn about a new character Double Eight. At the end of the chapter he is finding it hard to sleep, why is this? What could be going through his mind? Was he worried or excited?

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April 28

The alien planet

The great moon spread across the alien planet, huge monsters came from the forest they had ginormous bodies and massive  claws other small creatures had little cloths and spears but amazing tree houses. A round ball came rolling through the trees screaming with massive tentacles and teeth rows of teeth. One man walked out of the trees he had a red blade all of the creatures moved away like they where afraid of him all of the creature ran in the forest only he remained he stood there like he wanted something unnatural he started running at me attacking me.

April 28

100 Word Challenge The Lost Land

The church bells chimed midnight, the evening wind blew through my hair and the crystal sky shone in my eyes with brightness. The sky was surrounded by dark purple and the glistening moon screaming for attention whilst a calming river lay still in the lost land.

The land has been explored but the only thing that is still being left with question is the river, some people say its just a lake others say it is something that shall never be disturbed as it evolves magic,

April 28

The full moon

The iridescent moon shone all the way across the amazon river. The charcoal black sky looked like a wolfs soul howling. suddenly the ground shook. It was unbelievable what my sight was. What I saw was a group of tiny creatures that were brown, black yellow and white. When I looked at their eyes and saw a deep black soul that looked like a midnight sky. It was so cute. When it struck day I  woke up and all the fury creatures were gone. I searched in my hut they were nowhere to be seen. Was it all a dream?

April 28

The interveiw- Erin W- SWW

“Good morning world, today we will be doing a interview with some of the best airship explorers in the world. Danny, Makenzie how are you?

” Good, other than the fact our journey was horrendous. We got caught in a storm and we nearly lost both engines!”

“Were lucky we were still able to make it here today.”

” I am so sorry to here that that sounds awful. Mariana how are you holding up?”

” Its been amazing, I managed to stop the 3 UFO’s while in the airship, as it can attack with its built in guns. So we shouldn’t have any problems from them again.”

” Good I don’t think we want any more problems, we will now hand it over to grace with the weather report.”

April 28

Evernight – Home – Chapter 8

The focus in this chapter is Lara and her home.

We know that Lara wears a locket that is precious to her. Ross Mackenzie gives us several glimpses of it and tells us a little more about it’s history and what Lara knows about it.

Tell us 3 things that you’ve noticed about this locket so far. Post your ideas on the padlet below.

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April 28

100 word challenge Sunset

It had just gone midnight the church bells were chiming and the sweet birds were singing, the crystal blue sky was now a violet shadow of pink and purple and the white moon was the balance of a Christmas night.

The ancient brown trees would stand proud but lost in a way where ever you went, or what ever season it was it was only on Christmas night when all the magic would come to life and it would show the pure hope and pride of a small town.