June 30

Dangle Part 2 By Jess

Finally building up his courage, he pulled down hard: maybe this would have an affect?

The sun seemed to malfunction, the world turn to darkness. His jaw dropped as stars began to peirce the black sky. He just stared at it, scared to do anything more. He continued to gawp like a goldfish for several more minutes before snapping out of his trance.

No-one would know it was him right, he could just walk away from the mess he had made- No! He had to make this right, maybe he could pull it again….

Click. A flood of divine light swept the globe- was this, was this really happening?

He was now smiling and repeatedly striking poses as he controlled the day and the night. He was dancing, rejoycing and smiling now. He thought this could continue forever but he was foolish to belive.

As they say however; all good things must come to an end- he yanked it again, nothing.

Again and again and again he was pulling now.

His breath was now accelarating and adrenaline was pushing through his blood. The worst thing had happened, he had put the world into infinite darkness and there was nothing he could do.

One last heave with  all his might. He fell to the ground with a thud and he gazed up only to discover the dangling object was falling. He scurried to his feet as it gained speed, his mysterious find gathering into a pyramyid.

An emty lightbulb case just missed his feet. It was golden and seemed to him like a failed tortoise shell: it’s only job protection it failed miserably. Panic struck his brain, what if he were to get caught- he would get punished, surley! He could be fined, or imprisoned! Or- or he could face the ultimate price- he could be put to death…

He dropped it faster than a newborn baby could cry, backing up and turning around. He began to speed up, he was sprinting now faster than ever away.

June 30

Dangle Sebastien First person

I spotted something on the top of the hill.  A rope hanging from the sky! I hesitated then prodded it. Nothing happened. I did it again. Still nothing. Then I pulled it. Everything went dark. I froze with shock. It was a worldwide light-rope! I pulled again everything went normal again. I walked away. But I had to come back to pull it again. Then I got carried away and I made the sun go off, on, off, on,off until I heard a crack and it stopped on off. I pulled again. Nothing. I pulled harder. Still Nothing. Then harder still. CRACK! The rope started to fall going on for about 30 seconds and something metal fell from the sky on the other end and  on top of the mountain of rope. A cone that would attach it to the roof of a normal house plummeted from the sky! I herd shouts from the city and walked off to pretend it was nothing to do with me. And I did It just in time because a helicopter came with a search light to investigate.

June 30

Dangled Part 2- Tiana

After a few seconds of nothingness happening, I gripped my hands to the scarlet rope almost making them turn the exact shade of colour. I yanked on the rope… darkness woke up from its slumber, and caused the whole town to go pitch black. I was distorted from what I have just done. I stood there for a couple of seconds, wondering what had just happened. I made the world a pitch, black, blanket. All I could feel or see was an abyss and the frozen tips of my toes that got covered in snow and seeped through the thick fabric of my shoes. My breathing was heavy from the shock. I yanked it again and the world turned to the glorious morning dew. I let go of the rope, and put my hands up and walked away step… by step and pretending I had nothing to do with what just happened.

My gut feeling told me to do it again: but at the same time not to do it. I clasped my hands round the rope and yanked it.

I have all the power…

My face lit up, as I messed around with the dangled rope for a few minuets. I danced in the day light until the moonlight appeared with a single. *click!* The one time I pulled it nothing happened it was all just an abyss I yanked at it again and again… but still nothing happened. The daylight did not come back… I kept pulling and yanking it then a *click.*

The rope started to fall to the ground.

I panicked in horror. What have I done! Have I destroyed the sunlight forever? At the end of the rope, was a metal bell like shape with wires intertwining together but the ends were frayed and burnt. I left the pile on the ground, just sitting there useless.

June 30

Dangle Part 2 By Willow

I stared up at the soft velvet rope. It hung just above my forehead, stroking the edges of my hair, breathing in the Winter breeze. I turned and looked behind me checking if there was anyone around, how could I be the only on seeing this I said to myself. I latched tight to the golden ring that was rapped around the rope, I glanced over my shoulder for my final check. Anger rushed through me: who could simply walk away and not know. I had made my decision… “CLICK”!

My heart stopped. My breath trapped. My throat dried. What had I done.

I pulled the rope down again. Daylight. Darkness. This rope was the light switch for all the buildings, lampposts and shops in the city, but how had I never known about this, where had it come from and how long had it been here.

It was never ending, I pulled and pulled and pulled until I had pushed it to hard. I had trapped the city in darkness with no way to turn the light back on. All of a sudden the rope came tumbling down. It was coming right at me, with no way of controlling it. I had made it worse and the only idea I had was to run away and act as if I had nothing to do with it.

June 30

Dangle – Part 2 – Arthur

It swung away again and he caught it on it’s return. The gold ring was raw and stung his hands, but he didn’t care. Grasping it, ever so carefully, he gave it a gentle tug. Instantly, everywhere went black; a long abyss of darkness. His heart raced and his breath came in short, sharp gasps. What had he done? This rope was a source of power, strong enough to cease life from the world. He pulled it again, and once more it was light. Spinning around he scurried away trying not to look as guilty as he felt. He came to a stop a few yards from the rope. Had he imagined it, was it just his imagination going wild? No, he had to try again.

Creeping back, he checked to see if any body else was around to witness this. Giving the rope a yank the world went to night again. In the distance, on the city skyscrapers, lights started to flicker on. A howling came from all around as he peered left and right. Pull. Again the world returned to normal. Thinking it a game, he pulled and pulled, the light going off and on over and over.

But if you play with a light the fuse will die.

Clank. The darkness stayed. There was nothing he could do. Click, nothing. Click click, nothing. The surroundings lay in black. Horrified, he pulled too hard and the rope snapped. He toppled to the ground the rope coming with him. It filed down, creating a tall pile that looked like dead snakes. Clenching his head in dismay and worry. He knew what he had done, but now, what could he do? It kept coming, the pile getting bigger. Until finally, a gold bell thudded to the ground. It was filled with wires like the inside of a light-bulb. Staring at it in amazement, he threw it down as if dangerous.

A screech and crash came from the city below, followed by screams and cries. Not thinking of anything else, he walked briskly away. His brain whirred and worried. What he had done would cling to him for the rest of his life.

June 30

Dangle first person by Lewis

I climbed the snowy mountain. When I got to the top of the mountain ,which felt like Mount Everest, I found a long red rope coming out of the sky. I pulled it to see what would happen. Everything was black and it felt like an everlasting night. I pulled it again. It was daytime again. I thought to myself, “Should I pull it again and again?”So I did it again and again and again somehow this rope wasn’t breaking.

After few of pulls, it broke and I nearly rolled backwards. After what felt like and hour the rope ended with a bucket with wires in it and it was coming straight at me. As quick as a flick of a wing of a bat, I moved out the way. It was a big light bulb without a light. I looked around to see if anyone was here. Nobody. I walked away turning into a jog then into a sprint with my hands up pretending nothing happened although there were screams in the background.

June 30

Dangle – PART 2 – By Erin

He went closer. He pulled it again, and again with a smile on his face. He swung on it, he danced with it. He felt like a god. He had all the power.

He kept on playing with the rope until. He stopped. He turned around. Hoping he hadn’t done what he thought he’d done. A sudden face of worry. Why wasn’t it turning on. He tugged hundreds of times. He’d broken it.


At great speed, the rope came falling down it pilled up, and up, and up. Until it was about 3 meters high. With panic on his face, he could here the screams of confused people crying and screaming. He felt in guilt knowing that he had caused all of this. He put his hands up to his head and murmured to him self ” What have I done?”

By Erin

June 30

Dangle part 2 by Isabelle

I hit the rope again. Still no response. There was one thing to do: give it a strong pull. I latched on to the aged golden ring. Three, two, one. Pull. In a flick of a second, everything went black. My jaw dropped. I had found the city’s light switch. This was amazing.

I couldn’t help my self I had to do it again. I looked around wearily. Just have a quick check. If I get caught, goodness knows what my punishment would be. A fine, a prison sentence or worse: a death sentence. I had turned on the EVERNIGHT.

My heart missed a beat. Car wheels squeaked. Screams came from all around. I’d better turn it back on now: this is unfair to all the other people. I pulled it again to turn it off. But it was reluctant to do so. Oh no I have broken the main light switch to the city. I’m going to be in so much trouble.

I have to evacuate other wise the painted will track me down. This is now the exhausting race of hopeful live or a gory and unfortunate death.

June 29

Evernight – The Wand Grove

Another new experience for Lara and Double Eight in this chapter. In the woodland Lara discovers another exciting world of possibilities.One of these possibilities might be that the butterflies found in the trees could be used to deliver messages across the seas – a bit like a postal system.

What might Lara write on a postcard to send to Joe about what has happened to her in this chapter.

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June 29

Dangle By Jess

He begins to walk up the hills that are  now lined with snow: the result of a cold winter. He has walked this path a million times- he was so confident he could do it in his sleep. It was always awake with birdsong, however today everything seemed different- the birds more quiet than usual, a shiver of fear in their song.

He took this as strange and his heart started to pump. He was now strangley hooked on finding the problem, a seemingly impossible thing for such a dull man. He reached the top of a steep hill, where the nature stopped- A thin black line peirced the horizon.

What- what is this!

He cocked his head and he gazed up before slowly, cautiously walking forward.

It was not black, bluck red and appeared to be a giant rope dangling from the sky. It had a red tassle, like a horces mane seperated by a golden bead.

He grabbed at it, and swung it around as if it was the string of a church-bell. He grabbed it again, stll cautious however.