September 27

Huge Statue – by Louis


Still water surrounded the huge lake. I looked forward as the oaks stand on the tattered grass. The bark cracking by every footstep. The song of the vibrant birds filled the back of my brain. Out of the corner of my eye, bubbling overrides the sound of the vivid birds.

Suddenly, copper tubes were entangled with each other as they slowly rose from the distinctive water. Higher and higher it went as it lent its huge head back. Still going, it’s eyes gazed into the milk, white clouds and the ocean blue canvas. The golden sun reflected into the smooth, mirror-like lake.

The water cascaded out of the back of the solitary statue. CRASH! The translucent water hit the liquid like an army of soldiers trying to demolish a deserted village. The huge splash akin a whale jumping for joy.

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September 26

The dream

The Switching hour had arrived. I slunk on my many legs to the old wooden door; firelight seeping under it like molten lava. I scratched at the handle  with my sharp claws. It swung creakily open. Astonished, I slipped inside and tasted the air for dreams. I could taste the stormy nightmares of fire and smoke, dreams of yam mash, and, finally, warm milk. But no long ago memories. Where was the old one? I went to the small boy’s cot Singing the sleeping song, I weaved the words into a net. I caught the dream like catching a fish. I took the boy.



September 26

Badeko’s perspective Freya

Badeko’s perspective

The night was at it’s darkest point when I crept  in from my camouflage den. I sniffed the air it was cool and dry with a hint of dreams. The fragrance of sleep and dreams and a zest of fresh lime green grass. I could smell an old one dreaming of old memories but that is not what I wanted so I carried on rummaging for more dreams. then I could smell something  a girl dreaming of a warm fire that’s not what I wanted so I carried on sniffing for dreams. then I could smell something that I wanted. A dream. I got ready to suck it up with my sparkly teeth and then suddenly I sucked it up. it tasted really yummy but I still wanted more. sill hungry. still thirsty.

by Freya



September 26

Badeko’s perspective Olivia

Badeko’s perspective

The night was dark,very dark. I scuttled from my cosy underground nest witch was sheered by the bone a white  tree. My lichen shone in the moon light of the quarter moon witch settled in the distance. I  crept out of the trees and the leaves with a crackle. Just then , the ring of houses, tonight number 3!

At the house, leant down and tasted the flavour of pumpkin and wool ;I new this was the old one .I searched for more and this time the girls fire dreams came to me .I decided to devour that dream. Just then,  I tasted the zest of new grass ,warm milk and sorghum biscuits .The boy dream pt too.This was the best dram that I had tonight.

After I ate it was only a snack. Always hungry. Always thirsty.


September 26

Badeko’s perspective…Elana

Badeko’s  perspective… Elana

The night is at its darkest point. I crawled out from my den in the heart of the forest,sniffing the dry sweet air,with my camouflaged lichen skin,I tip toed across the forest floor avoiding the crunchy leaves .Starving with hunger, I sniffed the air for tasty dreams my eyes stared with starvation .I caught a sent , scuttling with my many legs through the bone dry grass following the sent of sleep and dreams of children.

Finally I arrived leaning down to the crevasse of the door liking the air . The  Old One slept, dreaming of wool and pumpkin.I searched the air fore more:I tasted the tang of the girl dreaming of fire.My belly rumbled I breathed in deep until my lizard tough tingled.The boy dreamed as well, A zest of fresh grass,warm milk and biscuits. I liked my lips and sucked the dream through my sharp teeth ,But my hunger screamed for more my belly roared angrily it wasn’t enough . Always thirsty. Always hungry.

September 26

Badekos dinner

The night was at its darkest, the last steps away from the apricot sunset. For a long time my milk white eyes had been focusing on the house in front, as quick as a flash I glided towards it. Knock, knock, knock on the door and again, again no one would respond I guess they were asleep I tried to get through the door until I realised with a small boys push the door slid open… this was my chance.

The door on the right was open, no  signs of the old lady that haunts this place. Close in front, in the open area by the room covered in lots of mess. An old goat that smelt of old yams and mash pulled me away from the area I was in. But that didn’t stop me from finding  the young girl who dreamt of fire. Along with a young boy covered in mud, clatter pod seeds and mostly sunburnt from the hot day its there turn next…

By Jake




September 26

WARNING! Badeko is among us! Arthur

Don’t go out after twilight, for the witnesses are beyond your wildest dreams. The drought has come hand in hand with demolisher Badeko. Along with the water; children are disapearing rapidly.

Roaming the night time land, he comes to your door to coax you out with his hidden trickery. From there; the Dream-Devouring-Devil takes you reticently to his dead, bone-white tree over-laying his fearful nest. He sings his engrossing tune to put to sleep for eternity. While you sleep, Badeko (a sadistic consumer) eats your dreams through his razor sharp  teeth. All people will forget you but perish in sorrow, unaware of the heartbraking cause.

Don’t let him in. Secure the deadbolt; fasten the latch; before it’s to late!