November 28

Elephant rampage By Archie

The chaos that was going on was caused by amethyst elephants.For no apparent reason they were on a rampage.

“Um whats going on?” someone yelled.

“Is there more because I hope not…”someone else screamed.

Then bombs of water went off in the city “Is it over.”another person mumbled.

Then more painted elephants came to destroy more infrastructure right now then more bombs came but they done the reverse of a bomb right now creating land over the sunken city. The land converted into a another urban area now. Then no more chaos now nothing horrible now just pure silents now.

November 28

Happy, Happy, Happy India

Have a amazing day every day.         PURR fect.

And don’t give up.                                  Up high you can touch the sky.

P.S follow your heart.                            Rapture

Put your heart out.                                   P.S Girls roll boy’s deol.

You are amazing                                         Like your safe…

BY India                                                          Everyone should be happy.

November 28

The Demogorgen by Cameron part 1 100 words

There was a crack and a shuffle. Running down the hallway I skidded and turned sharp corners. Eventually I made it to the elevator. Punching the button constantly, I looked around with sweat running down my forehead. A gentle wind pushed my hair to the opposite side of my head. I looked up. The Demogorgen. “Aaahhhhhhh. Its mouth grew spreading its hundreds of teeth and pushing them around. It picked me up and shoved me inside its mouth. I knew I didn’t have much time left before I would die. Then I rememberd, always carried around a penknife. Snap.

November 27

Jurassic Reptiles – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

I walked into Jarassic Reptiles, it was just two minutes from our house and had always fascinated me. We were greated by a Chameleon called “Shift” he morphed from green to purple and looked happy enough.

What was next really shocked me!

A purple elephant! Playing violin?

It was coated in mud somehow- why?  didn’t know! I didn’t mind moving, as my eardrum had already popped once in Cornwall and I didn’t want it to happen again!

Treking into room four, I spotted a snake. Ollie doesn’t do snakes.

And as usual, he ran out screaming. Like he was two.


November 27

Weird elephant 100 word challenge

Snoring, the sound shattered the night air, but, a boy, called Alex, had staid awake through the night. A splash of purple shone in the abyss as a car moved briskly across the track. The artist (which was Alex) had painted his room.

“Crash!” came a noise, a noise he had never heard before. Illuminating the room, all the lights switched off.

Step by step, trying to keep as quiet as Alex could, he made his way down the stairs. Poking his head through the door, an elephant was sat in Alex’s chair and playing Alex’s violin.

He was happy.

November 27

The the theatre – 100 word challenge

Walking into the grand golden theatre, I  sat on my red velvet seat, in the far corner I could see a wooden elephant and  the stage curtains where bright purple. This was where I would preform violin to over 7 million people.

It was the day, the day that I would walk and stage and paint a picture with my violin. Getting out of bed I  still felt half asleep. I walked into the on-suit and did my hair an make up, though I was still in my pajamas. For once I wasn’t nervous I was happy. Let the day commence.



















November 27

The horrible elephant 100 word challenge

A long time ago when elephants ruled,there was one that stood up to the rest…

One horrible morning,when the sun rose, the elephants were active. Seeing the sight, I climbed down from a tree. Hearing the deafening  sound of the horrible elephant. I saw the beaming sun glare down at me. But were ever I went the sun found me.

Running across the damp ground, I felt my legs break. Slowly, I had a sudden thorn go into my foot. Ignoring the thorn sinking into my soul. Rolling over, I saw the happiness of my face reflecting the sun.


November 27

The enchanted lady 100 word challenge by willow

My purple flared dress blew out to catch the wind; my makeup alluring the crowds and my repetitive playing on the violin pierced peoples ears. Walking with pride, a solitary elephant came to view followed by a painted happy note with the saying (come with me and find your way just don’t wave goodbye and keep saying hey). I felt my heart warm, it was something about the elephant it was special it meant something to me.

I was confused in love, would this be the thing that would make my life that much more happier it really would change.

November 27

The purple pet elephant Zelda 100 word challenge by Tiana

Playing the purple violin, Zelda my baby pet elephant, sat next to me happy as can be. Suffocating heat clustered around us making me swelter to pieces. My brown curly hair, dripped with beads of sweat as Zelda panted endlessly. Once I finished the violin, I was wondering if I should do some art. Minuets later, I had painted the horizon. A silhouetted black horizon.

The sky turned to an ombrey of colours; Pink, orange, purple, blue and many more. Travelling, back to the hut the heat died down as it was starting to turn to an essence of blackness.

November 27

The purple Elephant…By Lewis

 I saw a happy painted purple Elephant playing the violin. It was a rare species of Elephant. I wanted to tame it but it was to big to fit in my house. I put my hand out and then as if magic it put its head on my palm.

“I think I’ve trained it.” I whispered to myself

“Come with me Camron.” I said

“Camron the purple Elephant” I thought to myself

“Lets go home” I softly talked

“I’ll make my doors bigger for you” I told secretly him

We walked back to my house. It was rainforest-green for camoflage.