October 23

100 word challenge- disappeared- Arthur

As Laura sat in her canvas chair, field glasses placed carefully over her eyes, a boat came casually towards her. Alarmed, she peered curiously at the boat; ancient, long, well built, but empty! The remains, an empty hamper, a blanket and one split oar, strewn across the deck.

Taking another munch from her sandwich, Laura strolled to the edge of the bridge and leant on a post. As the boat drifted under, Laura darted to the other side and looked over. It did not return – it had disappeared!

”Huh, but where did it go?!” she shouted, causing birds to erupt.

October 17

The random box

At dawn on the door step I saw a box it looked harmless to me until I pick it up.  Weighed five tons. it was tiny  how am I going to get it in the house now? I open it there nothing in It. nothing um oh my how am I going to?. After hours of trying to get it  “sigh”

Who made this tiny box so heavy that eveyone can’t could hold it now ?I used everything ok so this didn’t  work. then somebody picked like it was a feather. what I was confused how he did it now?

October 15

100 word challenge The Bottle By James

It was heavier than I expected, the small bottle of sampled light  quivering in my palm. It was the weight of a brick, the colour of grass just after the rain.

“Mum,” I shouted carelessly over my shoulder “Have you ordered anything lately?”

“No, why?” she snapped angrily. I didn’t reply. Mum had been annoyed ever since we moved 5 years ago; there was something about it that affected her, to me, this was home, but not for mum.

I scampered up to my room shutting the door as I did so. Uncorking the bottle, a bright flash of light. Darkness.

October 15

The golden eagle – Freya

It was dawn, the sun was coming up behind the hill and and we were moving house. Boxes were scattered across the floor. I found my book on a shelf. I came to the mountains and climbed up and to my amazement I saw a golden eagle. It’s wings were gold and sparkly they were really glinting. It flew away to find some food. It was squawking really loudly. I quickly climbed back down again then I ran as fast as I could,  I past through the woods and got home in time. My breathing was heavier than I expected.

October 15

100 word challenge By Cameron

One day I got to work and this amazing idea came to me. I am going to fly a plane. I ran to the top of the building, whilst breathing in quick but letting it out faster. When I got to the top i realized I needed a parachute and a plane. In less than a second, five people wearing masks and holding socks, with stones and bats.

They started approaching me slapping there hands with the bats

Ouch one of them shouted, that’s heaver then I expected . I said a prayer in my head and jumped off the roof.

October 15

The water disaster by Zoe 100 word challenge

We walked down towards the high cliffs. Peter was waving us goodbye. Cold, black clouds loomed above us as the misty breeze brushed against my bare legs. We had arrived at the edge of the cliff. My shaking hands bashed against the slippery rocks.

“Now what?” I enquired.

Jump!” shouted Rupert.

“Straight in!”

 “Its easy!”

3  2… I reminded myself what to do and took a breath .. 1! I stepped into nothingness. Feet first I fell into the icy water. My whole body was shaking. Water  plunged across my crying face. It was heavier than I expected. My breathless body was freezing cold.

October 15

A poor life in Egypt -Olivia

My back sizzled in the blazing sun. I wished I hadn’t gone to Egypt now that I had to carry thirty killer grams a day for Ramsey the greatest Pharaoh in the world .I longed to go .But if I asked my life would be over, shorter than I’d liked it .

A block of the most hardest sand waited for my to pull it up the  147 meter pyramid.I attached my papyrus rope ,took a deep breath ,started pulling.Up ,up,up I pulled, no stopping now.My cloth getting dirtier each step I took. This was heavier the I expected. I dropped it …

October 15

100 Word challenge Frank

It was heavier then I expected, as the stone sampled in the glimmering sun as my hands quivered as I tried to lift it. Calling to my dad as trying to get help.

My tummy rumbled ready for food.

Going red as I lifted the stone into my palm. Walking into the kitchen, I plonked it on the table as I malted onto the chair.

Calling for mum asking if she had ordered anything, There was a growl over my shoulder. She snapped at me, said “Go up to your room now” I ran up the stairs. then slammed door.

October 15

Monster truck – 100 word challenge – Sebastien

It had began. Firing up my monster truck’s powerful engine to maximum power, I tugged on the rope  attached onto the boulder. It was heavier than I expected. I needed help. I called my friends, Tom, Oliver and Cameron. Tom and Oliver drove monster trucks like me but Cameron had a very powerful helicopter. In a matter of minutes, every one was hooked up and ready to go, all in our  monster trucks or helicopters. “3..2..1.. GO!” The air was filled with the sound of revving engines. With a crack and a crunch from the boulder, we did it. It moved.