July 10

100 word challenge The Painting By James

I put down my umbrella and slotted it into the stand. Despite my umbrella, I was drenched and glad to be in the gallery. There was an exciting hum, the shabby walls were a pale yellow and the air was slightly musty and smelly.

I walked over to the nearest painting. It was titled Lost and it showed a sorrowful zebra alone in a vast desert. Next to it, was a cactus, its prongs sticking out in an obscure way.

In the background, a herd of zebras were galloping away. I looked curiously at the painting: how it got there.

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3 thoughts on “100 word challenge The Painting By James

  1. Mr Tudge

    I like the way you’ve captured a feel for a gallery. It matches the emotion of the painting. I wonder if more sparse language would enhance. For example have a look at the sentence with two ands.

    Nice work, James.


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