December 13

The Golden Wasps -Olivia

A royal blue sky greeted us  as we arrived in Australia . The busy airport was the first thing that changed ; the jet plane all had there own compartment to land and the airport was shaped as kangaroo.

We hit the road on a yellow taxi ,which had several  stripes and navy blue writing. I wondered what dad and I would do when we arrived but that was long till I would see him.

At the outside of the hotel, the taxi stopped, my jaw dropped  and on the wall was a great big wasp who  was covered in gold.  “Wow!”

December 13

Bee 100 Word challenge Sebastien

I walked down the path to the village square  to look at the decorations. Every year the village put up a new decoration. Last year they put up gem-stone butterflies and I’d heard that this year it was going to be golden bees on the post box. I was looking forward to seeing them because I loved bees and these would glow in the dark. Suddenly, a loud buzzing sound erupted out of the square and I ran to look. The golden bees were alive! Everyone ran to their houses for cover. When they  came out everything had been destroyed!


By Sebastien

December 13

The Golden Bee- 100 Word Challenge- By Tiana

Daylight still in the sky, and the temperature mild. My scarf blowing in the breeze and my boots tattered and scruffy. Walking down the smooth pavement, the shops all open and the smell of fresh warm sugar donuts fill the air. A white building, towers over me as I walk past.

“The hotel, I have always wanted to stay in.”

“Same.” Said a voice coming from behind me.

“AHH.” I yelped at the top of my voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you by the way I’m Lucinda.”


Moments later we looked back and… golden bees hung on.

December 13

The holiday

We were excited as we planned to have a wonderful holiday in Barcelona. It would be the perfect place to have a holiday. It would be the best time to have a holiday whilst the weather  was as good as this. Two days later we were there and we found a villa. It was a a big place. It was the best of places to be in. It was the best villa that they had. It was a mansion. It was the best mansion in the world and it had all of the things we needed like food.

by Eli

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December 13

The magic golden wasp By Freya

A royal blue sky covered my head as I was going for a walk. I came back to my apartment and I saw a golden wasp.

“What am I going to do? ”I thought to myself so I thought and I thought for a moment and it came to me. I quietly went inside and grabbed my giant wasp nest and put it in a tree but before I could, it spotted me so I ran, and I ran then I thew it in a tree then  stopped and went to the nest. I quietly ran back getting my tea.


December 13

King Midas – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, but bees are not best gold- he soon discovered one fateful morning.

While he was walking in his meadows he came across a bee hive.

How dare they live in my land! He thought outraged.

Such a hate travelled through him then, that he reached out and clawed at the honey-golden hive.

Without any bees there was to be no pollination, colour or life at all.

A short while later, the land was grey and dull, draped in ever darkness, and King Midas was to suffer the consequences of his selfishness and greed.

December 12

100 word challenge The wasps By JAMES

The star drew closer, its bright light made the sun look dim.  It had been there for several days drawing nearer day by day; hour by hour; second by second.

A sickly, sticky substance drizzled lazily to the ground creating pools of sweet honey. Giant creatures arose from the  star swarming around settlements of New York. Trashing the city to a demolished state. The city crumbled. The creatures ultimately stopped, the remaining citizens finally got a look at the wreckers. Several black and yellow stripes em-blazed a beast the size of a car.

A  giant hybrid of wasps and bees.

December 12

Angry Swarm of Bees – Louis

The mild air beamed down onto my back, the sun collided with the middle of the sky; it was midday.

Bees flew around the hotel, shattering everything into fragments. A sound broke through the air, a sound I had never heard before. Goosebumps crawled up my legs and a shiver slid down my spine. It was the queen bee. I stood still, not knowing what to do. Moments later, an idea flowed through me, I ran. My legs burned but I had to keep running and I hid behind a tree.

I was now safe, well for now at least.

December 12

Bee free.

The insect asylum, the evil wild-killer’s execution waiting room for innocent invertebrates. I stood in front of the door, beneath the logo, golden bees with a fist holding a knife. I went in, determined to free the inmates. I knew the way to do that : I had to get through the complex security and press the release button.

There was several layers of security and they were all arduous to pass: I weaved through lasers, ducked under security cameras, and jumped over pressure pads. I finally reached the control panel and  I guess the password,bee destroyed.

The insects were released!

December 12

The Queen bee hotel – By Zoe

Finally, we arrived at the hotel in London. It used to be my favourite place when I was younger. I would come here every  weekend.

Golden bees were scattered on the windows and walls. Walking to the pool I saw it. A huge empty bowl full of rats, dirt and dust. I didn’t like the new pool. It didn’t have the same vibe.

Trying to remember the way I jogged to the reception hoping it would be nicer than the pool and steam room. It was empty. Knocking on the door, the dull room shook with horror. I wasn’t alone.