May 31

Evernight Chapter 26 -The second Rescue

The Second Rescue

Lara is accused of being a Hag – what is a Hag and why does everyone seem to despise them so much? Are Hags such frightening beings – why is Lara accused of this? Why is it such a crime? What do you think?

In the final paragraph here Lara is bundled away by a dark figure – who do you think this is? Where is he taking her and why?

Post your ideas on the padlet below by clicking on the pink circle to create a post-it note. Write your first name at the top and get writing!

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May 21

The mysterious box Sebastien 100 Word Challenge

I sat on my chair in the garden, watching the birds fly up in the sky. Occasionally, they stopped in the granite bird bath. One bird, a green woodpecker, was grasping a leaf for it’s nest and flew past speedily and landed in an oak. Suddenly, a raccoon ran  past me and into a hedge. I ran after it to have another look. A beep interrupted me. A delivery truck. I ran to the gate to tell them that I didn’t order anything but I was too late. There was a parcel on the wall. I wondered what was inside…

May 21

Evernight Chapter 25 – The First Rescue

An exciting episode of the story when we really see the sort of person Hans is!

Your challenge is to write in 100 words how Lara escaped but from Lara’s point of view – so you will write in the first person as if you were Lara.

Try to create some of the tension and how she must have been feeling – confusion, anger, frustration, taken in, – did she feel helpless I wonder?

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May 20

100 Word Challenge The Unexpected Visitor By James

I glanced outside the window, it was still raining. The sky was covered in dark blotches and lighting stabbed at the city.

I sat alone, in my chair, fiddling with a small box. Then from the corner of my room, which was undersized for me and my two brothers, a stench filled the air. I turned around disgusted, surprised but sympathetic at the same time.

In the corner was a raccoon! It was in danger. A leaf was hanging out of its mouth: it was choking. Slowly I crept forward and eased the leaf out its mouth. It was free.

May 20

100WC – Harclaw – Arthur

Retiring to my tree hut, I stoked the fire. Outside the wind howled and rain fell from the sky in sheets. Heating some camomile tea I pulled up my box-chair and draped a raccoon hide over my shoulders. I couldn’t wait for spring. A leaf blew through my only window and landed in the hungry flames only to be incinerated immediately. I was ravenous and my stomach would not stop groaning. Tossing some fox flank into a tin, I propped it up on the clay shelf over the fire and cracked some nuts.

“Do you think we’ll make it Harclaw?”

May 20

Evernight Chapter 23 A Knife In The Back

Thing in this chapter take an unexpected turn. People are’t who they seem.

Old Hans’s shop is a trusted place where toshers go to sell the things they find but other people go there to buy all sorts of things – some everyday articles and some items that might be hard to get hold of. To make sure that his shop is always busy with customers he puts up advertising posters all around the Silver Kingdom.

Your challenge today is to create this advertisement. It might be in the form of a poster or it maybe something that pops up on the local radio station, so you could record the advertisement.

You will want to think carefully about the persuasive language you use; Pie calls them weasel words – clearly, obviously, without doubt, – they sow the idea in the reader or listeners mind that this is the thing to do. Hans will want his advertisement to push the fact that his customers get a good deal; that he is reliable and honest and that he is recommended by someone important. The advertisement might end with a quote from someone or a question.

Think how you will draw your reader in – make them want to read more about the service he provides. Remember Oak Ridge Farm adverisements that we did earlier in the year ….?

Are your children driving you crazy at the week-ends? Do you want relaxation, fun and organised activities for all the family? Then come visit Oak Ridge Farm,  a centre for family fun, delicious dinners and riverside revels! ( Notice the aliteration!)

Now have some fun and record your work after you’ve practised it or take a photo of the poster and upload to the padlet.

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May 19

Evernight Chapter 22 – Dark Dreams

A short chapter but lots in it!

Mrs Hester really doesn’t have many friends so has no one to talk to about what’s been happening in her life, so she keeps a journal. She believes that in the future, when the world is hers, other White Witches will want to read about the all powerful Mrs Hester.

Your challenge is to write what you think Mrs Hester may be recording in her journal today. She will have a lot to think about I think!Will she boastful or will she have a bit of concern about the rashness of her actions. What do you think?

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May 18

100 WC Week 34- By Jess

It looked up at the sky- grey and unforgiving. Something else had ruined the day- unfortunately, it was not it. It’s pale and milk-white eyes turned downwards only to discover the floor was now a-mass of leaf, stick, dirt.

Work for the day would be impossible and it would have to go  hungry. The-creature contemplated what to next on a chair-like object before deciding it would settle for some raccoons- not ideal nor the human it wanted but it was food.

It looked at its food;

二口女 passed it to the-back of her head and the second-mouth began to chew.

May 18

Evernight Chapter 21 The Clockwork Bird

This chapter is another piece in the complex jigsaw that is the Evernight story.

Please notice how Ross Mackensie describes the bird in  several places – what it looks like? What it does? How it behaves?

Please make a careful picture of the bird and around it, write the words and phrases that tell us about the bird.

Post your work on the padlet below.

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