March 30

Going inside. By Zoe

Grumpily stomping off, a crack bellowed in my ear drums. The door had opened. I knew this was my only chance, so I walked in. Staring at the boy doll, he was there surrounded by colossal amounts of other dolls.

A razor like sound constantly echoed under my feet. A teddy on a bike cycling towards the door.His eyes were long ago dulled.

I turned around, the doll had moved to the top shelf nearly hugging the roof. I had to get him. Reaching up, his drooped down lips scraped against my hand.


I fell.

A doll like me.

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3 thoughts on “Going inside. By Zoe

  1. stoneschool

    I love this sentence, “His eyes were long ago dulled.” It is really rather macabre.
    And that ending! Fabulously to the point.
    Can you have colossal amounts?
    Mrs Murrin

  2. olivia054

    I love your writing because you are great at describing the doll. I cant wait to read more. Olivia


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