July 9

The river through the world

The long adventure had started. Honey was already in the umbrella with her little, yellow zebra. Gently, I placed, one-by-one, my little feet in the umbrella and once comfortable pushed us out onto the currant.  Off we went following the river through the world.


We made it to Egypt when a deafening sand storm blew in, Honey’s little zebra got stuck to a cactus nearby and I had to walk out into the crocodile infested waters.

Once I came back in my legs were smell from the water.

We spent five more days on the river till we arrived back.

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1 thoughts on “The river through the world

  1. Mr Tudge

    I really enjoyed reading your surreal (dreamlike unreal) story, Olivia. A clever way to weave the key words together.

    To give you a minor spelling pointer currant is current when a river.

    Good stuff.


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