July 9

100WC – The Zebra – Arthur

Wearily, the yellow zebra explored for somewhere to hide. Another dazzle of zebras was just miles away. Being yellow and smelly he would most certainly be bullied when the other zebras came.

Skulking under a boulder, he used a dead cactus as a cushion.

Thundering hooves approached rapidly. Magnificently, they trotted by, females carrying miniature umbrellas, males showing off about how fast they could run. A female turned back to look for someone and caught sight of the outcast zebra. Neighing in disbelief, she caught all the other zebras’ attention. Immediately, they all stopped and started to snicker and tease.

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1 thoughts on “100WC – The Zebra – Arthur

  1. Mr Tudge

    A poignant story of difference and bullying, Arthur. Well-told with an ugly duckling undertone.

    Good stuff.


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