March 30

Alma redraft…by Lewis

Alma was skipping in the snow, touching the walls happily whilst laughing all the way. Carefully, she wrote her name on a giant chalkboard there were many more names on the wall. Soft ticking found her ears. Confused, Alma turned around.

Behind her, there was a doll in an abandoned shop. Slowly, she tiptoed towards the window. It was like looking in a mirror. Excitedly, she tried opening the door but it didn’t work. She threw a snowball as hard as she could at the door and it opened.

Curiously, she sneaked inside and looked around, seeing dolls everywhere. Then she saw her doll in a different place. Suddenly, a doll on a tricycle banged into her. Trembling, Alma looked around…

Cautiously, Alma saw her doll and went to touch it. All of a sudden, screams and shouts filled Alma’s ears.


She was trapped in the doll. All the dolls looked at her…

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3 thoughts on “Alma redraft…by Lewis

  1. olivia054

    Hi Lewis I love this story it is very spooky. You know you recommended The Whizz Pop Chocolate shop there is a follow is if you want to read it it’s called The Curse of the chocolate Phoenix.


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