January 30

A surprise By Isabelle

It was a day before my eleventh birthday. This year, I was going to make my birthday the best birthday yet. All of my family was excited except my grumpy, moody and annoying sister Iris. Each time I mentioned my birthday, she would just brush past me and ignore me. The sunset came quick. My excitement bubbled inside my brain. Three, two, one . I’m eleven! Yay.

It was now the morning. Running excitedly down the stairs, I was stopped.  It was a baby tortoise its so slow I said in my head. To my surprise it was from my sister.

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1 thoughts on “A surprise By Isabelle

  1. Mrs P (Team 100WC)

    Hi Isabelle
    What a wonderful 100WC. You set the scene really well for the reader so we could easily imagine the characters you wrote about. You have chosen wonderful descriptive words which add to the story. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand


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