January 30

Nissan GTR sport, race 100 word challenge by Jake

In a sport racer, the speed breaker surrounded by probably faster cars like: Bugatti, mustangs and a flat!? but it is SO slow I could most definitely beat that car! which I did not think of at the time. “ready” “steady”  “GO!”the referee shouted

Vvvvmmmm CHARGE! faster! and before I knew it I was of, straight past that fIat and in third place! but that is not enough I suddenly just killed the pedal.

“AAHHH”. 3rd 2nd… Now announcing the trophies new owner NISSAN GTR sport!

“WAhoo” I shouted as the bugatti left his grin 🙂

” I WIN! you newbs loose!

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1 thoughts on “Nissan GTR sport, race 100 word challenge by Jake

  1. james055

    Hi Jake I really liked how you passed it on a race and how you set the scene up before you got it started


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