March 30

Alma doll shop – Arthur

Flakes of snow drifted down from a cloud filled sky, landing gently on dull grey buildings, piling higher and higher. Fog hung on rooftops. Blasting through slender alleyways, bitter air sliced everything in its way.

Skipping joyfully down an icy, cobbled street, a girl pulled her sky blue bobble hat over her escaping blond hair. She was wearing a thick red gilet covering her nose and mouth, large brown mittens ( perfect for shaping snowballs) and khaki trousers that bulged at the ankles. Her sparky jade eyes were all that peeped out until she spotted a name infested chalkboard and drew down her scarf to show rosy red cheeks.

Exhaling onto the black slate, she pulled a chalk stick from one of her many pockets and scribbled in the only bare space: Alma.

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2 thoughts on “Alma doll shop – Arthur

  1. Alison Liddell

    I can really visualise the girl due to your fantastic description. ‘ escaping blond hair, sparky jade eyes and rosy red cheeks.’ She sounds full of life to me.

    Remember to vary how you begin each paragraph so that the reader always wants to know more.

    I look forward to reading more.


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