October 9

100 Word Challenge – Frozen in time – By Jess

There it stood, frozen in time- gazing at an ever-lost star heartless, broken. It was wrinkled all over like the Moon- the man on the Moon! Staring aimlessly up as if searching for it’s own kind, it’s long lost bretherin…

Some considered it an eyesore blocking up the sky, others a marvel, a gift from their past generations. But why is it there and what does it mean, will we ever know or is it just not meant to be?

All the confusion, the mindblowing thoughts the research, the time, is it all a lost cause?

Aha, I’ve got it!

By Jess

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6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Frozen in time – By Jess

  1. Michelle Tham

    The story was very descriptive however there could have been a bit more of a story.
    overall it was engaging.

    Jack year 8 Melbourne, vic

  2. Caitlin (Team 100WC)

    Hi Jess. I loved this! Your piece read like poetry, and I was enthralled by your writing style. Very engaging. I liked the open-ending as it left the reader wondering (perhaps forever!) what the answer may be.

    Keep writing!

    Caitlin, Team 100WC

  3. erin055

    You have lovely description but I think you need more story. This amazing piece of work just makes me feel whats going to happen next?


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