July 9

The river through the world

The long adventure had started. Honey was already in the umbrella with her little, yellow zebra. Gently, I placed, one-by-one, my little feet in the umbrella and once comfortable pushed us out onto the currant.  Off we went following the river through the world.


We made it to Egypt when a deafening sand storm blew in, Honey’s little zebra got stuck to a cactus nearby and I had to walk out into the crocodile infested waters.

Once I came back in my legs were smell from the water.

We spent five more days on the river till we arrived back.

July 9

Evernight – Face to Face

Moonwing was taken by Shadow Jack just at the moment that Joe became the owner of the urn. Mrs Hester now has the urn back so conseqeuntly has Shadow Jack in her power and therefore has Moonwing too!

In this chapter Mrs Hester meets Moonwing, Lara and Double Eight are now a captives.

What is Moonwing thinking at this point in time. How is she feeling – what does she think will happen now?

Made with Padlet
July 8

Wish Granter By Willow

This film will be one of the first movies you will see after lockdown. It is filled with character and reality and the perfect storyline if you believe that fountains can make your wishes come true. It is in the cinemas from September 5th to September 30th, so book your tickets now and come and enjoy a relaxing time at the cinema with a bucket of popcorn before its to late.

July 8

Dream Giver by Sam

Bat-like in fight and like crane-fly in appearance, the humanoid creature swooped around the midnight town, carrying a sack that glowed a blazing gold. It creaked open the orphanage window and, ducking down his bald, domed head, crept in ans perched on the windowsill. After checking this was the right place, he fluttered down on one of the beds, and peered through his tinted goggles at the boy who laid there.

It let the sack fall, and it folded open to reveal the glow came from a dozen or so dragon eggs, dreams.

July 8

Dream Giver By Willow

Flying from the blackness, a small creature landed gently on the edge of the windowsill. He stared, then peeked through the wooden shutters, slowly pulling a notebook from his pocket. He looked over his shoulder: 2655 Kenzington Avenue, he was at the right place.

He carried a chestnut sack over his shoulder blazing golden light seeping through, he placed it on the corner of a single bed. His hands curled into a ball. Quietly, he shifted the bag and out came an egg, he cautiously cracked it open. A warm yellow serum ran down the center of a pair of ballet shoes.

A perfect shaped ballerina meandered until it reached the top of a small girls bed cover. It leaped and turned until the her mind turned to a dream, it was only until she woke up the following day will be when she knows magic is always real.

July 8

Evernight – Back to the Sewers

Lara and the team arrive back in the city having traveled through the Witches Gate. The arrive to a scene of chaos and devastation. They are in the slums.

At the corner of the street I can imagine a team of journalists are gathered with a camera crew or radio team reporting live back to the studio. Your challenge is to write a short piece that the reporter might make about the scene they are witnessing. You can either write it or record it on the padlet.

It might begin – This is Dan Snow reporting to you live from the slums of  Kings Haven for BBC Radio 4. As I look out across the growing darkness, the scene before me fills me with fear. The local inhabitants are armed with anything they can get their hands on . One young boy has just rushed past me with a kitchen knife in one hand and a saucepan in the other. A frightened mother, clutching her new-born, is hiding behind some litter bins hoping that the savage Painted will pass her by. The sound of screaming resonates around the very wall of the city ………………..

Made with Padlet
July 7

The Dream giver- By Tiana

Clouds of purple glittery smoke, poofed up in the air of the timid room creating a vivid mist that turned into rays of bright, burning yellow and gold essences of light. One by one, the orange orbs started to disappear into thin air the last two orbs remained but then one… a joyful ray of light turned into a purple, hazy smoke. The orb cracked in two, and the yellow marble spilled onto a chapter of a book the boy was reading. This was bad… this dream was becoming a night mare. The light swirled into a whirl wind, and sucked every last drop of it into the book.

Moments later, his eyes opened wide to a forest of mossy covered oak trees. Butterflies, of all pastel colours fluttered above his head and all around him. He looked joyful at first but then… he saw broken coin like rocks with vines hanging off them faces were carved into them and took the boy by surprise… he was in the book he was reading. He started walking, towards a grand yet broken and forgotten temple a loud deep echoed growl seeped trough the open entrance.

July 7

Dream giver By Jess

A ripple among the stars. Warm orange light. A flicker of wings.

It stopped at the shutters and peaked through the cracks at the sleeping children.

He pushed the shutters open, giving a non-visible wince: a single creak could end his whole career and maybe even, his life. Nothing. He grabbed a yellowed notebook and leaned back, 2655 Kensington was painted across a black sign, the large print bareley recognizable through the thick layer of grime. Everything around the poor side of the city was worn down and chipped.

It had to squint to scribble down the address: his goggles were splashed with a gold like substance, it was a miracle it could see (though vision was limited). Its head was round and milky- white, like a misshaped egg.

July 7

Dream Giver

 He pulled his notebook from his back pocket. And crossed of this address. Flying toward the first boy, he laid the dream eggs on his bed. He moved to the girl with the ballerina slippers, he broke the egg, and it followed with a satisfying sound. The yolk dripped on to her slippers. Then formed a golden ballerina who danced as if it was opening night.

He moved onto the next kid, he pored the yolk onto the book half open on his bed. Then formed an Astronaut floating in mid air. The stars shot out, and shone bright in the boys dream. He moved on, he followed with two other children.

Then the worst thing that can possibly happen took place. The boy moved knocking of one of the eggs and on to the page with the wort possible monster, the serpent.