July 9

On The Shore- Pobble 365- By Jess

He stood alone by the shore, his dark clothes blowing in the damp wind. A swarm of  Flying Death passed by and he watched as several trees dicintegrate, turn to dust and then spiral away in the wind.

Hs fingers snapped and for a moment there was silence, peace across the now destaught land: a result of the WW3 where all populations were wiped out by a suicide pilot crashing into a area in Russia where several atomic bombs had been dropped with a 3 minute countdown for all air- borne soldiers to get away.

A fiend came running toward him and a Shinigami jumped on its back

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1 thoughts on “On The Shore- Pobble 365- By Jess

  1. Mr Tudge

    Wow, your scene-setting language is fantastic in your opening paragraph, Jess. Your image of the trees disintegrating and spiralling in the wind is a disturbing picture.

    Could you have a quick look at how shortened sentences in the second paragraph would aid readers?


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