June 30

Dangled Part 2- Tiana

After a few seconds of nothingness happening, I gripped my hands to the scarlet rope almost making them turn the exact shade of colour. I yanked on the rope… darkness woke up from its slumber, and caused the whole town to go pitch black. I was distorted from what I have just done. I stood there for a couple of seconds, wondering what had just happened. I made the world a pitch, black, blanket. All I could feel or see was an abyss and the frozen tips of my toes that got covered in snow and seeped through the thick fabric of my shoes. My breathing was heavy from the shock. I yanked it again and the world turned to the glorious morning dew. I let go of the rope, and put my hands up and walked away step… by step and pretending I had nothing to do with what just happened.

My gut feeling told me to do it again: but at the same time not to do it. I clasped my hands round the rope and yanked it.

I have all the power…

My face lit up, as I messed around with the dangled rope for a few minuets. I danced in the day light until the moonlight appeared with a single. *click!* The one time I pulled it nothing happened it was all just an abyss I yanked at it again and again… but still nothing happened. The daylight did not come back… I kept pulling and yanking it then a *click.*

The rope started to fall to the ground.

I panicked in horror. What have I done! Have I destroyed the sunlight forever? At the end of the rope, was a metal bell like shape with wires intertwining together but the ends were frayed and burnt. I left the pile on the ground, just sitting there useless.

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1 thoughts on “Dangled Part 2- Tiana

  1. Jackie

    I can see you are expanding your use of language, this is great. Maybe the word distracted would work better than distorted. A lovely piece of writing, well done


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