June 30

Dangle Sebastien First person

I spotted something on the top of the hill.  A rope hanging from the sky! I hesitated then prodded it. Nothing happened. I did it again. Still nothing. Then I pulled it. Everything went dark. I froze with shock. It was a worldwide light-rope! I pulled again everything went normal again. I walked away. But I had to come back to pull it again. Then I got carried away and I made the sun go off, on, off, on,off until I heard a crack and it stopped on off. I pulled again. Nothing. I pulled harder. Still Nothing. Then harder still. CRACK! The rope started to fall going on for about 30 seconds and something metal fell from the sky on the other end and  on top of the mountain of rope. A cone that would attach it to the roof of a normal house plummeted from the sky! I herd shouts from the city and walked off to pretend it was nothing to do with me. And I did It just in time because a helicopter came with a search light to investigate.

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1 thoughts on “Dangle Sebastien First person

  1. Mr Tudge

    Good mixing of short and long sentences, Sebastien. You’ve used some great language such as plummeted.

    Perhaps a little more of the man’s emotions and thoughts would enhance this. ‘The rope started to fall…’ sentence is a bit long. Have a quick look at it.

    Overall, you’ve produced another solid piece of work. Well done.


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