June 30

Dangle Part 2 By Willow

I stared up at the soft velvet rope. It hung just above my forehead, stroking the edges of my hair, breathing in the Winter breeze. I turned and looked behind me checking if there was anyone around, how could I be the only on seeing this I said to myself. I latched tight to the golden ring that was rapped around the rope, I glanced over my shoulder for my final check. Anger rushed through me: who could simply walk away and not know. I had made my decision… “CLICK”!

My heart stopped. My breath trapped. My throat dried. What had I done.

I pulled the rope down again. Daylight. Darkness. This rope was the light switch for all the buildings, lampposts and shops in the city, but how had I never known about this, where had it come from and how long had it been here.

It was never ending, I pulled and pulled and pulled until I had pushed it to hard. I had trapped the city in darkness with no way to turn the light back on. All of a sudden the rope came tumbling down. It was coming right at me, with no way of controlling it. I had made it worse and the only idea I had was to run away and act as if I had nothing to do with it.

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2 thoughts on “Dangle Part 2 By Willow

  1. arthur19

    I rally like this Willow – the short sharp sentences in the middle really hold the tension – the only thing is you have spelled ‘one’ wrong – also you have quite a hurried ending – great job.👍👍

  2. Mr Tudge

    Totally agree with Arthur. You have also captured the emotion in the middle of writing. A little more would enhance other parts.

    You have asked a lot of rhetorical questions, which is great. Have a look and think about where you could add question marks.

    Keep up your top notch work!


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