June 30

Dangle Part 2 By Jess

Finally building up his courage, he pulled down hard: maybe this would have an affect?

The sun seemed to malfunction, the world turn to darkness. His jaw dropped as stars began to peirce the black sky. He just stared at it, scared to do anything more. He continued to gawp like a goldfish for several more minutes before snapping out of his trance.

No-one would know it was him right, he could just walk away from the mess he had made- No! He had to make this right, maybe he could pull it again….

Click. A flood of divine light swept the globe- was this, was this really happening?

He was now smiling and repeatedly striking poses as he controlled the day and the night. He was dancing, rejoycing and smiling now. He thought this could continue forever but he was foolish to belive.

As they say however; all good things must come to an end- he yanked it again, nothing.

Again and again and again he was pulling now.

His breath was now accelarating and adrenaline was pushing through his blood. The worst thing had happened, he had put the world into infinite darkness and there was nothing he could do.

One last heave with  all his might. He fell to the ground with a thud and he gazed up only to discover the dangling object was falling. He scurried to his feet as it gained speed, his mysterious find gathering into a pyramyid.

An emty lightbulb case just missed his feet. It was golden and seemed to him like a failed tortoise shell: it’s only job protection it failed miserably. Panic struck his brain, what if he were to get caught- he would get punished, surley! He could be fined, or imprisoned! Or- or he could face the ultimate price- he could be put to death…

He dropped it faster than a newborn baby could cry, backing up and turning around. He began to speed up, he was sprinting now faster than ever away.

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