June 30

Dangle – PART 2 – By Erin

He went closer. He pulled it again, and again with a smile on his face. He swung on it, he danced with it. He felt like a god. He had all the power.

He kept on playing with the rope until. He stopped. He turned around. Hoping he hadn’t done what he thought he’d done. A sudden face of worry. Why wasn’t it turning on. He tugged hundreds of times. He’d broken it.


At great speed, the rope came falling down it pilled up, and up, and up. Until it was about 3 meters high. With panic on his face, he could here the screams of confused people crying and screaming. He felt in guilt knowing that he had caused all of this. He put his hands up to his head and murmured to him self ” What have I done?”

By Erin

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