June 30

Dangle – Part 2 – Arthur

It swung away again and he caught it on it’s return. The gold ring was raw and stung his hands, but he didn’t care. Grasping it, ever so carefully, he gave it a gentle tug. Instantly, everywhere went black; a long abyss of darkness. His heart raced and his breath came in short, sharp gasps. What had he done? This rope was a source of power, strong enough to cease life from the world. He pulled it again, and once more it was light. Spinning around he scurried away trying not to look as guilty as he felt. He came to a stop a few yards from the rope. Had he imagined it, was it just his imagination going wild? No, he had to try again.

Creeping back, he checked to see if any body else was around to witness this. Giving the rope a yank the world went to night again. In the distance, on the city skyscrapers, lights started to flicker on. A howling came from all around as he peered left and right. Pull. Again the world returned to normal. Thinking it a game, he pulled and pulled, the light going off and on over and over.

But if you play with a light the fuse will die.

Clank. The darkness stayed. There was nothing he could do. Click, nothing. Click click, nothing. The surroundings lay in black. Horrified, he pulled too hard and the rope snapped. He toppled to the ground the rope coming with him. It filed down, creating a tall pile that looked like dead snakes. Clenching his head in dismay and worry. He knew what he had done, but now, what could he do? It kept coming, the pile getting bigger. Until finally, a gold bell thudded to the ground. It was filled with wires like the inside of a light-bulb. Staring at it in amazement, he threw it down as if dangerous.

A screech and crash came from the city below, followed by screams and cries. Not thinking of anything else, he walked briskly away. His brain whirred and worried. What he had done would cling to him for the rest of his life.

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2 thoughts on “Dangle – Part 2 – Arthur

  1. willow55

    I like the amount of description you have used especially the phrase clenching his head in dismay and worry. Great job 👍👍

  2. Mr Tudge

    A cracking bit of writing, Arthur. Good mixture of description and emotion.

    There is some minor language stuff. ‘Clenching his head in dismay and worry’ asks for a comma and an independent clause.


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