June 30

Dangle first person by Lewis

I climbed the snowy mountain. When I got to the top of the mountain ,which felt like Mount Everest, I found a long red rope coming out of the sky. I pulled it to see what would happen. Everything was black and it felt like an everlasting night. I pulled it again. It was daytime again. I thought to myself, “Should I pull it again and again?”So I did it again and again and again somehow this rope wasn’t breaking.

After few of pulls, it broke and I nearly rolled backwards. After what felt like and hour the rope ended with a bucket with wires in it and it was coming straight at me. As quick as a flick of a wing of a bat, I moved out the way. It was a big light bulb without a light. I looked around to see if anyone was here. Nobody. I walked away turning into a jog then into a sprint with my hands up pretending nothing happened although there were screams in the background.

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