June 1

Louis Pobble365 Wild horses

The mystic horses ran, accelerating up the crumbled track. Their magnificent manes waved elegantly in the wind as the horses nostrils flared. Hooves, like a mini thunder cloud, clashed against the cold surface of the cracked mud. Onyx eyes squinted as the strong current of the wind charged at them as they panted with tiredness. Sprinting as fast as possible, they became blurs of milky whiteness. Their heavy hooves scraped across the trail sending dust in all directions. A rumble and a crash deafened their pricked-up ears as they fled faster heading towards the shelter of the dark, dense forest.

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1 thoughts on “Louis Pobble365 Wild horses

  1. mrsmurrin

    Louis, a super action-packed piece. Magnificent manes alliteration is lovely. Check that you are including the commas you need to separate your clauses.


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