May 20

Evernight Chapter 23 A Knife In The Back

Thing in this chapter take an unexpected turn. People are’t who they seem.

Old Hans’s shop is a trusted place where toshers go to sell the things they find but other people go there to buy all sorts of things – some everyday articles and some items that might be hard to get hold of. To make sure that his shop is always busy with customers he puts up advertising posters all around the Silver Kingdom.

Your challenge today is to create this advertisement. It might be in the form of a poster or it maybe something that pops up on the local radio station, so you could record the advertisement.

You will want to think carefully about the persuasive language you use; Pie calls them weasel words – clearly, obviously, without doubt, – they sow the idea in the reader or listeners mind that this is the thing to do. Hans will want his advertisement to push the fact that his customers get a good deal; that he is reliable and honest and that he is recommended by someone important. The advertisement might end with a quote from someone or a question.

Think how you will draw your reader in – make them want to read more about the service he provides. Remember Oak Ridge Farm adverisements that we did earlier in the year ….?

Are your children driving you crazy at the week-ends? Do you want relaxation, fun and organised activities for all the family? Then come visit Oak Ridge Farm,  a centre for family fun, delicious dinners and riverside revels! ( Notice the aliteration!)

Now have some fun and record your work after you’ve practised it or take a photo of the poster and upload to the padlet.

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