May 18

100 WC Week 34- By Jess

It looked up at the sky- grey and unforgiving. Something else had ruined the day- unfortunately, it was not it. It’s pale and milk-white eyes turned downwards only to discover the floor was now a-mass of leaf, stick, dirt.

Work for the day would be impossible and it would have to go  hungry. The-creature contemplated what to next on a chair-like object before deciding it would settle for some raccoons- not ideal nor the human it wanted but it was food.

It looked at its food;

二口女 passed it to the-back of her head and the second-mouth began to chew.

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1 thoughts on “100 WC Week 34- By Jess

  1. mrsmurrin

    Love that final revelation Jess! I was intrigued by a few bits as I got close-then it all fell into place.
    Be careful when you hyphenate words: by doing this you make them into 1 word. So milk-white and chair-like work well but The-creature and the-back don’t follow the rules.


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