April 28

100 Word Challenge The Menacing Oak Tree By Louis

The illuminating moon shattered the dark depths of the canvas night. Its shining beams distinctively collided with the rocky earth. Leading the way, the streak of iridescent glow came to a stop. A distorted tree stood towering over me. Its knuckled branches careened towards me menacingly. The crooked fingers of the tree plucked at the back of my neck. Glancing around, the sinister oak grasped me tight on the hood. Stars motionless in the black abyss like something was going to happen. Fear spread through my veins like a wild fire. My eyes bulged with terror. I tried to run…


April 27

Week 31- 100 Word Challenge- By Jess

Fingers of witches, charred from burning on hay, grabbed at the moon and vampires begged it to stay: it was their time now- the time of nightmares; horror; death.

As Tithonus awoke insects with jagged and stiff legs; bulbous pedipalps; dripping venom they crawled their way to the surface. They were no longer content with their under-ground homes deep down with the roots.

And just as everything was about to glow red and green a scent of human caught the air and the attention of the nightmarish creatures. Standing to attention, alert and almost smiling they advanced ever hungry.

April 27

Evernight – Tea Leaves and Trouble – Chapter 7

Having a  tea with Joe’s Granny, turns out to be a little stranger than Lara expected. Granny has special hidden skills and tells Lara some things about herself that come as a big surprise to everyone.

What did we discover about Lara? What questions doe this raise for the reader?

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April 26

Evernight – Chapter 6 – Rain and Iron

…..one of the ironheart’s metal hooves came down upon it , crushing and shattering the umbrella as if it was made of fragile glass.

Describe the great metal horses made of iron and clockwork using a simile or metaphor.

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April 24

The Evacuation…100 word challenge by Jake

As the sun set, in the west and the sand brushed against our heads…”brother I’m so hot!”

“Me too!”Jack slowly said as he saw what led distanced ahead

“RUN” Shouted Zack

The storm came chasing them as fast as possible sweeping up anything in its way like a broom..

“C’mon brother we can … Hush! I..I cant..hear..it anymore!?”

Until!!…..from behind a massive palm tree..there it was! The storm

“Quick….” He said for the very last time “BROTHER?! WHERE ARE U? AHHHH BROTHER!!!!!” he screamed

Breaking news: A nine years old boy has bean found…passed out…on the beach…

To be continued….



April 24

Paradise island 100 word challenge by Jake

Sun in paradise, the statues stand in rows and people stay to watch there EVERY MOVE!…

Different colours were spread around like an exploded firework! As person by peson walked past the figures secretly turn watching there EVERY STEP. Taking photos more to make the statues come alive…. the statues burst eyes wide open SCREAMING towards them with terrifieng teeth ready to BITE. And in a puff of smoke gone, vanished and what lead in the spot they were standing would be enough to make u … FAINT! For not to know what would happed next….. What will? “Wait and see”….


April 23

100 word challenge The match By James

It was the last kick. They had to get this. How could they not? Extra time was up, Stone had got a penalty and Beage clubs goalie was injured so a winger had to step in. The reserve goalie had a hole in his shirt branded with the team logo, a bright sun-yellow flower, as he stepped onto the pitch, boos came in all directions; no sign of any support from his team.

Garry put the ball in position then ran back, ready to score for Stone. I held my breath, heart in mouth as the world seemed to still.

April 23

The Domino Competition-100 word challenge-Olivia

It was the day of the Grand dominos competition. Nerves spead through my team as we took our kit through to the main hall. Our biggest rivals, The Wolves, walked past us looking confident, sure.

The bell rang and every team started building. Suddenly, one domino rally fell over. Just then, we had a disaster; we had run out of dominos! Quick thinking Tom sprinted over to the van, brought out another box and ran. Unxpectantly, the bell ran! I let out a loud yay. Smugle, the Wolves came up to us,

“It doesn’t mater what you think, does it?”

April 22

Evernight chapters 1and 2

Chapter 1

What are your first impressions? It’s really good and dark with amazing descriptions.

What do you like about it? I like that it’s dark and I can tell it’s going to be a good storyline.

What do you think of the characters? The characters are interesting and I feel there is going to be drama.

What puzzles you? I got puzzled when it said Shadow Jack looked like he was going to kiss Lara but then, it scared me when she screamed.


Chapter 2

What makes Lara so interesting? She was really aware of her surroundings and extremely curious.

What is it about her actions that tell us a bit about the sort of character she is? Lara seems kind and smart but curious at most things.