April 28

The interveiw- Erin W- SWW

“Good morning world, today we will be doing a interview with some of the best airship explorers in the world. Danny, Makenzie how are you?

” Good, other than the fact our journey was horrendous. We got caught in a storm and we nearly lost both engines!”

“Were lucky we were still able to make it here today.”

” I am so sorry to here that that sounds awful. Mariana how are you holding up?”

” Its been amazing, I managed to stop the 3 UFO’s while in the airship, as it can attack with its built in guns. So we shouldn’t have any problems from them again.”

” Good I don’t think we want any more problems, we will now hand it over to grace with the weather report.”

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1 thoughts on “The interveiw- Erin W- SWW

  1. mrsmurrin

    Erin, I spotted this on the radioblog! 🙂
    I like your chatty style- a friendly, informal type of interview.
    Could you have used more dramatic vocabulary to show how dreadful that storm was?


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