April 28

The alien planet

The great moon spread across the alien planet, huge monsters came from the forest they had ginormous bodies and massive  claws other small creatures had little cloths and spears but amazing tree houses. A round ball came rolling through the trees screaming with massive tentacles and teeth rows of teeth. One man walked out of the trees he had a red blade all of the creatures moved away like they where afraid of him all of the creature ran in the forest only he remained he stood there like he wanted something unnatural he started running at me attacking me.

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1 thoughts on “The alien planet

  1. mrsmurrin

    This sounds a very dangerous planet to be on Ryan: lots of claws and spears, teeth, blades and attacking. I will certainly be keeping away! Think carefully about the length of your sentences and try to use commas to separate the clause- then your reader knows how to read it.


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