April 28

100 Word Challenge The Lost Land

The church bells chimed midnight, the evening wind blew through my hair and the crystal sky shone in my eyes with brightness. The sky was surrounded by dark purple and the glistening moon screaming for attention whilst a calming river lay still in the lost land.

The land has been explored but the only thing that is still being left with question is the river, some people say its just a lake others say it is something that shall never be disturbed as it evolves magic,

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2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge The Lost Land

  1. mrsmurrin

    Lovely sentence of 3 to set the scene. The moon screaming for attention is a lovely piece of personification- well done.
    Do you think in paragraph 2 it should be, ‘the only thing that WAS left’ to stay in past tense?

  2. stoneschool

    Super descriptive writing India. I loved the way that you created a clear picture for the reader about the setting.
    What would make it even better is for you to have another look at paragraph 2 – notice you’ve changed from the past tense to the present tense – your verbs need a tweak.
    Well done!


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