April 28

100 word challenge Sunset

It had just gone midnight the church bells were chiming and the sweet birds were singing, the crystal blue sky was now a violet shadow of pink and purple and the white moon was the balance of a Christmas night.

The ancient brown trees would stand proud but lost in a way where ever you went, or what ever season it was it was only on Christmas night when all the magic would come to life and it would show the pure hope and pride of a small town.




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1 thoughts on “100 word challenge Sunset

  1. mrsmurrin

    I’m intrigued by the phrase, ‘the balance of’ very unusual. You have set a calm scene.
    (Note that wherever and whenever are only 1 word each.)
    I think that a semi-colon after midnight at the very start would be a good idea-separating the time of day from what is happening.


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