April 1

The Random Emerald -100 Word Challenge

Once there was mine though only filled of iron and coal. two miners thought of finding some emeralds in the mine. as start mining they found a bit of gold .They got back to hitting the stone with their pickaxes. for ten hours straight and only found few grams of gold, coal and iron but no emeralds were found. After an hour of tiring mining they found a huge vain of emeralds but was this really the only one because it disappeared in thin air well it looks like they are the very unlucky because luck might of ran away

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2 thoughts on “The Random Emerald -100 Word Challenge

  1. stoneschool

    Archie, I like your technical description of ‘a huge vein of emeralds’. Remember to read through your writing really carefully before you submit it: check that all your sentences start with capital letters and that you haven’t missed out any words.
    Mrs Murrin

  2. Mr Tudge

    A lovely fun story. You use your 100 words well to give your readers a great punch line. It would be good if you could write in your notebook a reminder to check for capitals and full stops.


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