March 26

100 word challenge The Statue By India

One summer morning, me and my friends were on our to the beach. As we were just about to touch the warm sand I could feel the rough edges of cold, wet seaweed seeping through. In the distance bright colours caught by eye, a mixture of blue, red, yellow and white statues standing proudly still waiting to be awoken.

Walking with excitement, I hurried my friends over to hopefully being able to watch the statues perform. As soon as they came over  I could tell from there facial expression they weren’t interested and had no reason why.

To be continued…

March 26

The army of the statues

One quiet morning when I just got out there was a army of statues in front of my house but why were here what’s the meaning of this. after I’ve done every I need to do in a few minutes I swiftly went got out of my small hut I started firing a swift bullet at one of  statues then.BOOM! it exploded like bombs then a chain reaction just started.

A shockwave knocked me off my two feet ten cruises were exploded in a mere ten seconds same with the fifty homes in the range of the blast the silence.

March 26


One day I went out but when got there the place was filled with statues but who were they where were they at the time what were they doing at the time then. When I walked down the path there were statues there again then I imagined that this was a statues apocalypse. when I got back I got out explosives and placed them on the statues and then detonated the dynamite and then BOOM! then after the explosion I looked and they were all gone then I shouted Free dome! after a long day of exploding I going to a rest

March 26

The mysterious beach trip 100 word challenge Freya

One sunny morning, I decided to go on holiday to Spain so I packed my suitcase and off I went. On the air plane I had some fresh fruit ordered. Then the plane landed and I got off and went to the cabin to drop my stuff off. After that I went to the beach but when I got there there was some weird statues.”who? what? where?”I was confused.” what were they and were did they come from and what are they doing there?”. People walked past them so I did to. Then I  led there in the sun bathing.

March 26

The lost shop By Zoe

Misty fog covered the horizon as gently the pearl, white snow  fell landing with a quiet tingle. It was bitterly cold and the wind blew hard.

Skipping on the icy pavement I jumped up with a excitement and landed with a crack. On the wall a huge blackboard lay.  Filled with names delicately written in bright silver chalk. A large wooden post was perched under neath carrying one bare piece of silver chalk. One space on the blackboard was left bare so I wrote the letters Elma. The name my dad used to call me before he left.

Creak. Something was behind me. It was moving quickly. Turning around a doll shop crowded my vision. A boy doll alone on an empty stool. I walked closer.

March 26

the Australian dancers/statues -100 word challenge-Olivia

Dear Diary,

We are now in Australia having the time of out life; parting, seeing the statues and surfing. Today we went to Sidney opera house and saw some dancers who every very much standing out in there surrounding and were like statues. They did lots of different moves like the worm, Mexican wave and the robot. We all loved it and the detail on there costumes were amazing they were almost like Oompa-Loompas from Charlie and the chocolate factory .I went over to one and touched one to realised it was only a  statue.What a good day I had!

March 26

Alma – By Jess

The little gir ran down alleys of the abandondened town, trying to catch snow covering the dilapedated roofs in her mouth. She reached the once bstling chalk board and write her name: Alma, she pulled down her scarf; exposing her button-nose to the elements.

Her face suddenly appeared puzzled, yet scared.

Was there someone watching her- impossible: there was no-one else around!

She heard a whirr; a click. She turned, blincked and for the first time she noticed a gothic-style shop. It appeared to have a face and… fangs? Her eye was suddenly caught by missing posters- she shook of the feeling of gloom; the smell of death and ran closer.

What appeared to be her stood in the mirror. She squinted before rubbing the condensation away.



March 26

Alma by Sebastien

Snow drifted down from the sky like condensation falling down a window. Alma ran through the snowy archway and into the frosty town. It looked like a desert of snow: Rooftops were blanketed in snow and cobbled streets were lined with frost. The street was deserted except Alma.

She passed a wall covered in old newspapers. She passed the old shop and went over to the obsidian black blackboard to write her name on like most other people. She chalked her name on amongst the others when something caught her eye. A doll. It was in the old shop

Alma walked slowly towards the doll, snow crunching beneath her feet. She wiped the cold frosty glass. It had slightly curly blonde hair and a red coat. It had brown trousers.


March 25

The ancient adventure by Isabella

The vines hung patiently, waiting to attack a predator that awakes. With a swish and a loud bang a beautiful yellow, pastel green and purple elephant came out of nowhere. It was a masterpiece, a stunning patchwork animal. Soon after, midday came and an adventurer came with a camo outfit and hat. Just then we knew at that moment it was going to attack. We ran through the sunset of pink,orange and yellow into the night. All of a sudden, I heard a crack it was the rocks who was there?  was it a human? was it an animal? was it the cliffs? nobody knows!

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March 25

Alma…By Lewis

Alma was skipping in the snow, touching the walls on the way. She was laughing all the way. She wrote her name on a giant chalkboard there were many more names on the wall.

Then there was a doll of her in the abandoned shop. she tried opening the door but it didn’t work. She threw a snowball at the door and it opened.

She sneaked inside and looked around, seeing dolls everywhere. Then she saw her doll in a different place. But then a doll on a tricycle banged into her.