March 31

The day we all left school

On Friday the last Day of school I wasn’t Reedy to leave school then but there was no choose and I was thinking for a moment that I didn’t want to leave and I’d rather that I was tout at school than at home because it is boring looking at a screen all day at home. but although it is not boring at all because I have been FaceTiming my friends and playing on and making electric circuits, cooking as well so it is not so boring lurning at home because you can do it at home if you have to.

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2 thoughts on “The day we all left school

  1. stoneschool

    I don’t think any of us felt ready to leave that Friday Oliver, its such an unusual time. But it sounds like you are doing ok. Nice to see your writing here.
    Did you notice that your sentences were rather long? Take care not to use too many conjunctions (like BUT, AND, BECAUSE) in one sentence. Split up your ideas into shorter sentences- each sentence focusing on one idea.
    Mrs Murrin

  2. Mr Tudge

    You might not be able to do all of the things you can do in school but there are still some cool things you can do at home…

    Ask your Mum if you can Google search


    There are some fun home activities for secret agents.


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