March 26

Week 26 – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

Who had done this? What were the mysterious; mismatched figures? Where had they come from- were they a way of inter-galactic communication?

The statues had  appeared overnight at Sydney, all mismatched heads and limbs. Many were puzzled yet relaxed, others superstitious  and panicked: worried it was the sign of an alien-race. It stormed he internet; some even compared to the terracotta warriors claiming it was ‘another’ out of this world discovery. (Had there been alien-discoveries before?)

Days later a man called Steven-Haldown was found to have created the figures, yet many were still sure of aliens.

But you never know.

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1 thoughts on “Week 26 – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

  1. stoneschool

    Inter-galactic communication- this started my mind whirring 🙂
    Think carefully about your use of colons and semi colons. A colon separates 2 independent clauses when the second explains or demonstrates the first. A semi colon to separate 2 independent clauses where the second relies on the first to make sense.
    Mrs Murrin


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