March 26

The Secret Garden.

It was one cold misty evening, the clockwork had just chimed midnight and the jet black clouds began to close in over The Secret Garden. My backpack was falling loose the more I walked on, I heard all about this mysterious Island where only the magical people would go, where they would seek to stay hidden.

All my life of living in this town was to explore and hopefully find the hidden Island but so far it has never gone that way. I can remember one evening I was out on a walk with my brother and Mum when I spotted a tawny light flickering in the distance and from that day I thought it was the place I was looking for: the Island and that I was the seeker who was meant to find it.

The following day I woke up to a thrill of hope. I remember in my dream. high. Iced. Snow globe.

From that day I was lost, lost in my mind. Lost in thought.

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Garden.

  1. stoneschool

    The chiming clock and the clouds create a mysterious atmosphere.
    In paragraph 2 it might make it clearer if you said HAD spotted and HAD thought. to show you are no longer doing those things.
    Mrs Murrin


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