March 26

The Deep Blue- 100 Word Challange- By Tiana

Diving under waves, and crashing into the sand The sky dawned on me with beeming rays of light.

Sooner or later, clouds coverered the sky bit by bit and then… A tsunami formed and came crashing down on us all of us and I got draged down under to the deep blue. Whilst sinking to the endless bottom figures of red, blue, yellow and green stood frozen in time. Nothing moved exept for a shadow that was watching me. Who’s there? And where am I? And Why me? Flustered into my head and it twirled and twirled into my confusion.

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1 thoughts on “The Deep Blue- 100 Word Challange- By Tiana

  1. stoneschool

    Using rhetorical questions shows how confused your character is. Check your first sentence for punctuation and is dawned the word you wanted?
    Mrs Murrin


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