March 26

That house on the hill

The night was black, the trees swayed; there were no people to be seen. Upon the hill, laid a house but not any old house, a house which was damaged. Everyone hated that house. No one would dare go near that house.

Until one day a boy, who was only twelve walked onto the land.

He jumped over the barbed fence and walked to the front door, still obnoxious to the fact he was wearing a banana yellow. He carried a heavy crowbar to break into the house.

“BANG, CRASH, THUMP!” His head turned. Now he was scared.

By Erin


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1 thoughts on “That house on the hill

  1. stoneschool

    The confidence of the boy is in contrast to the calm and still of your opening. 🙂
    Do you mean oblivious rather than obnoxious?
    Mrs Murrin


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