March 26

Colour speed boat challenge 100 word challenge Sebastien

The teams lined up. It was about to begin. The colour speed boat challenge would begin soon. Everyone had spray painted themselves different colours to celebrate. The whistle blew. Everyone raced to their boats to start. Someone covered in orange paint took the lead and raced past the Sydney Opera House. Water churned up behind the racers like smoke from a volcano and a huge bow wave spread from the sides like tidal waves. They powered towards the finish at a tremendous speed. suddenly one stopped and all the others crashed into it. The race was over. Nobody had won

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1 thoughts on “Colour speed boat challenge 100 word challenge Sebastien

  1. stoneschool

    I like the way you built up the tension with short sentences and once the race was underway changed into long, detailed sentences.
    Why did that boat stop?
    Mrs Murrin


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