March 25

100 word challenge The statues By James

I pulled up to the surface, treading the was water as the waves hit me. I panted for a while ; that was the deepest I’d dived doing breaststroke towards the shore.

The sun was hot on the beaches of Australia, but this one more  than the others, the sand was crisp, golden colour, small palm trees acted as wind shelters and the sea cool and refreshing.

I was a few meters of the shore when I heard a cry and on the beach twenty statues stood coloured in reds, blues and yellows. Their eyes flicked about then they started dancing.

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2 thoughts on “100 word challenge The statues By James

  1. stoneschool

    Full of atmosphere James. Pretty impressive semi-colon!!!I could really imagine myself there – the heat and the colour. Then came the figures… I loved the way you kept them still until their eyes flicked.
    Something looks strange about metres can you spot what you’ve done.
    I’ve posted it on the 100WC site – watch out for any comments.

  2. stoneschool

    You set the scene beautifully- really calm and a content character. This makes the statue’s arrival more disturbing.
    Careful with of and off.
    Mrs Murrin


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