March 23

The Amazing Trip 100 word challenge by Louis

Marching away from my beloved home country, rows of people stood in a line. Taking one last look behind me, I waved to my family with water in my eyes.

“Ready for the adventure?” One of my friends called out and wrapped his arm around my neck.

“Yes, it’s gonna be great.”

Everyone was wearing bright, vivid colours as the sweltering sun beamed onto our backs. In the distance I could see a boat, a very large boat. It said, our next stop is in Germany. Everyone had cascaded into the boat and this is where our journey had started.

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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Trip 100 word challenge by Louis

  1. stoneschool

    This reads well Louis! I loved the opening, making the reader understand the mixed emotions that such an adventure would create. I liked the way you were using those skills to show not tell how the character was feeling.The final phrase leaving the reader wanting to know more and feeling hopeful!

  2. stoneschool

    That opening clearly shows the nature of this character- proud of his country and himself. Good balance of description and dialogue.
    Mrs Murrin


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