March 23

100 word challenge – Sydney statues – Arthur

Sydney, Australia. Multi-coloured  figures stood silent in the sun. Across the Harbour, the magnificent  Opera House gleamed. Everything was just as I remembered. Meandering through the statues, I spotted two aboriginal musicians, one playing a didgeridoo, the other chanting. The deep echo from the didgeridoo rolled like thunder. Swatting away a thieving seagull, eager to share my lunch,  I was certain I saw one of the statues move. Calmly walking up to it, I rapped on the statue’s chest.

“Oi,” it bellowed at me, “clear off.”

I stumbled back in sheer horror and sprinted away, not daring to look back.


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6 thoughts on “100 word challenge – Sydney statues – Arthur

  1. stoneschool

    This sounds as if it were something that you had experienced! I enjoyed the humour of the statue coming out of role to be indignant with you. Do you think that there ought to be an exclamation mark to give it more of a bellow?
    I should think that you were pretty embarrassed by this as well as shocked – can’t blame you for not looking back.

  2. Alexandra

    Hi Arthur
    Loved the story great describing words and I loved this frase “The deep echo from the didgeridoo rolled like thunder.”

  3. rakau20

    Kia ora from New Zealand, Arthur.

    Your punch line is so like the English humour which I love Arthur! Especially using the words ‘clear off’! I think that is a really English line.
    Your writing is marvellous, making it very easy to visualise the scene. You use a good range of sentence structures and your range of vocabulary makes this so much more interesting for your audience. Well done!
    If you have a chance, come along to my class blog at:
    Ms M #100WC


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