March 3

100 Word challenge The sign By James

We plodded onward, the mud sucking our wellies, the heather tickling my legs and the icy wind whipping my pale cheeks. After about two hours , of being tugged by Ronny and whispering with Danny occasionally bursting out with laughter, we stumbled across a sign.

The sign was a strip of wood cracked and weather worn. The writing was faded but written in a deep sinister red. Blood. Although we knew it was dangerous we took no notice of the sign and walked on.

But before we could go a yard, a flash of silver, a searing pain and infinite darkness


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2 thoughts on “100 Word challenge The sign By James

  1. mia567mps

    hi my name is mia i go to mil-lel primary school south australia i’m in year 6 and my teacher teaches me well i hope yours does to.that’s great i would want copy your story. that’s ausome i could’nt do that what so ever. i got shocked that it was so good i read it in my head and it was ok but when the teacher read it, it sounded amazing thats probably the best story i’ve ever heard it was so good. from mia

    1. james055 (Post author)

      Thanks Mia for your comment my teachers do teach me well and I like your witting too. From James


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