March 3

100 word challenge – sunset – Arthur

Dusk sowed threads of gold and pink, long grass stood like soldiers and towering trees blocked the sun that should’ve been restoring dead crops of flowers.

I darted from one oak to another, Diego yapping at my heels, observing the rim of the meadow. Nick whistled from a nearby bush, signalling danger was on its way.Image result for creepy sunset meadows

We took no notice of the sign and pelted into the grass. I heard a rustle from behind. I needed to hide somewhere. Leaping behind a log, I landed on something solid. In hope it could be some use I scraped away the dirt.

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2 thoughts on “100 word challenge – sunset – Arthur

  1. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

    Hello Arthur, I really like your choice of words in your story. You have created some really good images that kept me engaged in your story. Well done.

  2. cameron54

    Wow really good really good word use. I like how you used long grass stood like soldiers, And how you used i darted from one oak to another


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