January 30

The silver mechanism By Zoe

Grey clouds filled the sky, lightening struck every building and rain poured down heavily. The streets were crowded with what it seemed one million people.

Sprinting through the people they all bellowed with anger. I knew something was there I just needed to reach it.

 In the distant something tiny was skating across the icy,cold slaps . Something I couldn’t  quite make out. It was going so slow it would take an hour to cross the road. Getting closer, the small figure began to look more real.

I lowered. A silver mechanism looking at me in the eye. I stared back.

January 30

100 word challenge The snail race

All lined up, the snails were ready to start. 3..2..1..go. Using all of there energy, They got off to a slow start, a very slow start. There were racing up the wall, and then they got to the water window. They need to use strength because every now and then, water gets poured down the glass.

Splat! A snail had fell. Cracks of the shell were strewn across the grass. With only a few left, I was getting bored.

“Its so slow,I…”

Then, a snail, that had a jet booster, zoomed along the obstacles and on to the finish-line.


January 30

The Laggy Computer – 100 Word Challenge – By Jess

Trying to load up Google Chrome, I watched the screen light up with Windows Errors.  With a  silent grunt the screen slowly whirred to life. Typing in my search, Written-in-Stone,  and hitting the search bar It repeatedly told me that I wasn’t allowed access to the page before loading up.

“Its SO slow I…”

Drumming my fingers on the smooth blue table-top, I slowly felt my temper rise. Looking towards the third story window, I felt a strong urge.

Well, angrily I opened the flap, took a sharp breath in before chucking the windows one- very laggy- to its fate.

January 30

STAR WARS but if they had windows 1

“The rebels have almost escaped-”

“FIRE THE STUD SHOOTER” growled Darth Vader.

“OK” said an unimportant officer,  nobody cares about them because their  AIM IS AS BAD AS A STORM TROOPERS but anyhow so they pressed the button but  they all forgot that it was Windows 1 not Windows 100. “Uh sir ” said the officer “… but it is SO slow” squealed Darth Vader 

” HAHAHAHAH” shouted the officer.

“Is that what you really sound like-then you sound like a  wampa after his voice cracked.” Mocked another unimportant officer.

And so as things go with Darth Vader he got chucked out of the ship


January 14

The Cliff by Oliver


As the car climbed up the cliff slowly, the music blasted loud. I turned the music down because I had to concentrate on the road.

When I got up to the top of the cliff  in the vehicle the furry dice dangling I looked down I was up too high.

I drove down the cliff slowly and looked carefully otherwise I would fall and die. I continued on the road carefully. when I got down the cliff I set off into the distance. a few minutes later I had reached safety before the cliff collapsed. I watched  the cliff crumble.



January 14

Safari disco Isabelle

Music boomed from the speakers. The animals from all over the jungle were coming together to have a safari disco. A stomp, the ground shook and the a distant call of an Elephant echoed.

” Yes “. my college grinned.

The first animals are here for our safari disco. After the elephants arrived all  animals made there way to the dance room. Accept for.The Hyenas. They were small, furry and extremely violent animals. I climbed the oldest and the highest tree to see wear they hyenas were. Just then a rumble of a off road vehicle pulled up.The hyenas slowly backed away.


January 14

100 Word Challenge The Climbing Wall by Louis

I turned around, locked the door and headed towards the car. Rain bellowed from out of the clouds but my furry coat covered me. I jumped in my vehicle. The rain suddenly turned into hail. It smashed at my car heavily as I turned the music on. Driving steadily, I put the windscreen wiper on full, put the seat warmer on and strained my eyes to see the road.

I was here. Towering over me were the climbing walls.

Soon, I was ready to start. Slowly, I climbed as high as I could on every wall. It was such fun.

January 14

New Years Day. 100 word challenge by Cameron

New years eve, eleven fifty eight I was on the London Eye ready for the best spot of the firework show.

I looked down out the window and saw thousands of people. I saw one person climbing a vehicle and about one hundred had already climbed their cars. Then suddenly, I heard people start shouting. Five. Four. Three. Two.

Then in the speed of a blink, fire came out from the nozzle of the firework decpencer. I started to freak out because the glass was breaking, a piece fell and sliced thrhttp://picasion.com/gl/caLW/ough my furry coat. Slowly, I fainted to Music.

January 14

ballroom dance 100 Word Challenge

Music filled my ears, as I danced in the fantastic ballroom. We did a session of ballroom dance, me and my best friend Lee, decided to do it together. We had finished for the day so we headed to our seats where Lee grabbed his phone and messaged Noah, his big brother, to come pick us up. We  walked down the stairs slowly as we heard a honk. Noah had pulled up in his posh vehicle. We climbed into the car touching the furry fabric seats, me being the height that I am, I did struggle to get into a range-rover.


January 14

On the way to the museum 100 word challenge Freya

I was in for a surprise from my mum. She said we were going to the museum and I was excited. So we hopped in the vehicle and we drove off.

We had music in the car and we were all singing along. Then we  arrived at the museum. there were T-Rex, dipladocus, triceratops and more. My favourite one was the T-Rex so I decided to to climb it but the security said to get off so I did. So I slowly dragged my feet across the cold floor and we went and I saw furry deer at my house.